About Us

Sherry and Amber ZirgesOver twenty years ago, Sherry put the wheels into motion for what is today A to Z Decorating and Design. Looking for a way to take care of her three children, while accommodating their schedules and needs, Sherry turned to her creativity and artistic talents and began painting accessory pieces for various retail outlets. She gradually moved from accessories to furniture and wall murals, assisting homeowners with all aspects of their custom decorating needs. With absolutely no advertising, Sherry created a profitable business through word-of-mouth referrals throughout the East Texas area while being able to work from home and raise her children. As the oldest of the three, I have always known that one day Mom and I would go into business together. I received my undergraduate degree in August of 2001 and entered the world of corporate accounting. Quickly realizing that cubicles and Corporate America were not for me, I returned to my goal of creating a successful business with my mother. Capitalizing on her creativity and my business sense, we established A to Z Decorating and Design in January of 2004. Working with my mom has been an experience that I will treasure forever. Regardless of the direction life takes us, we hope to leave a long trail of happy clients and precious memories behind us!